December 9, 2011


We are in the year nearly 2012. It's time to upgrade old, DEAD technology. Get off the SDTV, the Mono/Stereo, and the analog.

It's time to get HDTV's', surround sound systems, up to date computer hardware, and component/hdmi cables.  Technology is an ever moving forward thing, you can't hold onto dead outdated crap. Especially crap that's no longer supported.  Hell, stereo is slowly becoming obsolete in favor of 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Sound.
There are certain technologies that are now outdated, heard of dial-up lately, nope neither have I. Because it's DEAD. That doesn't mean people still aren't using it however, those people are in a world of hurt when it's support time. Trust me holding on to dead technologies is more trouble then it's worth.

It is of very, very, high assumption that the next consoles will not even have ports for SDTV or analog. Only HD and stereo.
I'm currently in the process of saving up for a modern computer with modern hardware. The current laptop I possess is over 7 year's old and the hardware in it, is even older pre 2000 some of it is. I find it increasingly difficult to do the things I want to do. I do not blame the programmers or developers, I blame myself for being a stubborn ass and refusing to upgrade for all these years. Trust me, it's not worth it and I found that out the hard way.

My mother, refuses to use a computer. She says she doesn't need one. Yet, she complains when certain things are online only or simply can't be done by hand. I have no sympathy for her because I've tried to tell her over and over to start using a computer, but she refuses.

"I don't need those newfangled devices." Pfft, w/e mom, w/e.

It's going to be pretty damn hard for her to do anything once brick and mortar goes away and digital distribution takes over.

It's time to move on. It's time to get with the program, it's time to get updated.


ontrew said...

Concerning old people not using modern stuff.
I don't think they need it much enough. While for you to use the benefits of high-tec devices is natural, for previous generation the smart machinery is alien. Hence while working on computers, they should use sorta "safe mode" (in terms of brain functioning). That phenomena manifests itself with exsessive need to thoroughly read the manual (familarization with new software) or making notes while listening for your explanation. I doubt it's curable.
BTW the matter is milch cow of philosophy, you can go find some literature concerning paradigmal shifts, pre|-|postmodern etc.

Superawesomeman589 said...

I disagree, quite heavily.

If you don't use updated tech, you will be left behind and unsupported. It's far more inconveniencing to be unsupported than it is to just update your tech.

Then you have people whining about how their 50+ year old TV is supposed to be supported, nope.jpg. You have to upgrade, you should be upgrading.

That's how new tech works.

ontrew said...

Let me explain in terms of money.
As you may know, mental work is common to physical in several instances.
Thus as your brain is so flexible and (attention!) used to high tech, the work of that kind is easy to you, hence you can make a lot for cheap.
On the other side, to your parents it may take weeks to learn simplest basics (same with my family, BTW), which wan't be enough anyway.

It's quite the same as making me use Matcad instead of Matlab. Sometimes Matcad may be extremely useful in terms of saving my time. Yet, my only reaction will be: "Vive le Matlab. Death to Matcad".

Superawesomeman589 said...

All tech needs upgraded, 100% final.