December 10, 2011

Still Working On Skyrim

Due to the PS3 issues for Skyrim, I've completely abandoned the PS3, save for it's exclusive titles, which it has more of so a certain someone needs to have no worry of me not playing it, that being said; I was able to take my month old copy
of PS3 Skyrim to my local Gamestop without a reciept and exchange it for a brand new, SEALED copy of 360 Skyrim.  I even got to keep the preorder map. All well and good except, IT REALLY FUCKING SUCKS TO HAVE TO REDO 129+ HOURS OF WORK!  I had 13k in gold, I was level 28, and I was pretty high in stealth and pickpocketing that I hardly ever got caught.  I could stand right there and they couldn't see me, well not stand, but you know what I mean.

Seriously, I get disheartened at times.  My thief was so awesome! Cest la vie, I will just have to keep at it and not get distracted.  I'm currently in Whiterun about to talk to the Jarl, just going to rob some of the NPC's and what not with the real loot.  I need a house to sleep in.

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