December 4, 2011


I'm getting really sick and fucking tired of this THING about rules.  This hatred, it annoys me.  Rules are there for a reason to keep order and stop chaos.  They are NECESSARY.

Let's take my Skype group for example.
  I have rules, not hard to follow mind you, that are for my group for specific instances of keeping order.  Everyone says they are fine with them, until I go to enforce them.  Then I hear whining, bitching, and crying on how it's Skype and I can't have rules.

Sorry, but no, It's my group and we have rules.  Rules that you are EXPECTED to follow.  If you don't follow them, there will be repercussions, which usually comes in the form of me bitching at you or kicking you from the call.  I've no time for rule breakers.

Clubs, Groups, Guilds, and VIP's areas ALL have rules.  The law is a very specific list of rules stated a certain way.  Rules are everywhere and my group is no exception.

Why are those listed above allowed to have rules but I can't?  I don't think so.  I don't care if it's online or what it is.  It's an area that I'm in control of, that contains rules, whether you like it or not.  It'd be just the same if I had my Vent server, clubhouse, guild, law, etc.

These are the rules that I ask people to be respectful too and follow while in the group calls.  They are not that difficult or that taxing.

(1. No gay hate, homophobic, racial remarks or double standards.  Also includes offensive 4 chan terms/lingo.

2. Background noise is not tolerated.  It's disruptive to the call environment.  Adjust all volumes and or sensitivities.

3. If you go brb/akf, please type and say it so that we know you have left in case someone is trying to contact you.  If gone past 20 minutes you will be removed from the call.  It is rude to keep people waiting.

4.Leave the call to take another one, no going on hold or call bouncing.  It's rude to leave people waiting.

5. No typing in the call unless absolutely necessary.  Skype is a VOIP client, not an instant messenger plus people usually have their notifications on and get a notification for every message which is annoying and rude.)

5 simple and easy to follow rules and they aren't even really rules either, they are mostly common sense things that if people just stopped and used their head for a moment, wouldn't happen.

Why is it such a crime to want to have non-rude conversations and order?

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