December 12, 2011

Finally Moved To TEST Chrome

After much deliberation and lots of searching for extensions.  I have finally managed to move to Chrome for the purposes of testing it.  There are a lot of different things on here, extension wise, but if all does as I want it to.  It will be alright.

More specifically some of the extensions live a lot to be desired.

Here is a list of all the addons I currently have installed sans one that I can't find.  A decent URL text linker (turns text URLs into clickable, hyperlinked ones) that actually works with the domain name level and with wild cards.  For example say I want to go to'd want this turned hyperlink so I can click it.  Most just use http in front to que it and that's not good enough.  Another problem I run into is not recognizing wild cards like or* whereas * takes the place of some part of another link.  Those don't get linkificated either and it annoys me to no end.  Linkification and URI linker were great addons in FF and I miss them dearly.  If this one's not up to snuff, I may just have to go back to FF.

There were many other changes that annoyed me as well.  Chrome LOVES to steal focus from external applications when you try to open a link in them. I use a desktop client RSS reader and everytime I opened up a link in it, I would have to deal with Chrome IMMEDIATELY jumping to the front, every single time.  I have BEGRUDGINGLY begun to use Google Reader to combat this -.-

Another thing I don't like is not having the ability to dump my extension lists like I could on FF.  I could dump them to clipboard, text file, url, etc.  It was glorious and I can't find an extension for that, it annoys me.

The following is a list of all the addons I had to install JUST to make it work like my FF did.  Perhaps the list will help someone.


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