October 30, 2011

Update to the Internet Situation

So the tech ended up coming out on Saturday instead of Sunday, yay!

Anyways, they looked at everything inside and tested the signals and what not, found it to not be a problem so they went out to the box.

Seems the box needed to be replaced

Can't help but feel a little sad

My neighbor downstairs will be moving away at the end of the month and I'm both sad and happy at the same time.

He's a great person to talk to, but at the same time when he's drunk, he can be a noisy son of a bitch.

Still, though I'm getting a melancholy feeling of him leaving.

Hey, at least he isn't stuck in this dump till April.

October 29, 2011

Internet Complications and Woes

IMPORTANT: My Internet is acting weird and I may not have much time.  A tech is coming out Sunday to look at it.  It's been going out for extended periods of time.  I'll be back as soon as I can.

October 26, 2011

Reveiw of Batman Arkham City

This game is AMAZING.  From the second I popped it in to the time I turned it off, it's just been PURE fun.

I love being able to glide around the city

October 25, 2011

Roommate Robbed AGAIN

It's about 4am and my roommate comes home early by 3 hours or so.  I ask him what's wrong and he says he got robbed again.  Thankfully, he is ok and they didn't get anything of ours.

Shit's getting ridiculous and I told him it's time he start seriously thinking about moving to a new job and a new area.

Apparently, they made off with $95 from the register and the .45 they had pointed at him.

He was sent home by the co-owner.

Bill S.978

I'm just going to start out by saying I completely and 100% eject this bill.  It's not good for the Internet or for us as users.

For those that don't know what it is, it's a the new

Apartment Is Becoming More Trouble Then It's Worth

So I think it's time to give the full back story on the apartment and why I bitch so much about it.  This will be a very detailed and bitchy post of misery.  Enjoy.

We moved here after

October 23, 2011

Internet Vs IRL

Let me just start out by saying there is NO difference between these two.


Anything and everything you do in either/or effects the other.  I'll break it down for you by using the most common reasons people think that the Internet "doesn't matter" nor do their actions on said Internet.

October 22, 2011

Blog Syncing

OK, so I finally got it work using an application on Facebook called RSS Graffiti.

Shoutout to these fine people for this app.  It checks about every ten minutes and if it finds a new post, it will add it automatically to my wall.  Thank you to the people who made this!

However, this should have been natively supported by Facebook itself.  I mean seriously, isn't it supposed to be a SOCIAL networking service?  For shame, Facebook.

It seriously took me like an HOUR and half to figure this shit out after googling and messing about.  Ugh.  What a goddamn headache that was.

In the end though I guess it's worth it.  I hope my Facebook friends enjoy my blog as well.

October 21, 2011


I hate it, in all forms.  Bass, music, screaming, yelling, TV's, w/e.  I have a severe problem with noise due to the OVER sensitive nature of my hearing.  I have REALLY, REALLY good hearing, probably because I'm half blind!

I also think I've further conditioned myself due to the events of my childhood and growing up to more readily pay attention to it.  The noises that most people


I don't see the real big deal with this game, to me it's just like extreme lego building mixed with enemies, lag, and a pain of broken or nauseatingly boring tasks and farming.

With the latest update coming it may finally BECOME a GAME.  It's set to add in many RPG elements and such.

Anyways, due to the help of a friend I'm playing Zelda Adventure latest version but I'm noticing many of the mechanics of Java are broken.


Oh I see you have stumbled across my little blog here.  This is my own personal area of the web where I can vent my feelings and share my ideals with the world.

I choose the name Iroarc because it is short for my full title which is Intriguing Reflections of a Realist Cynic.

On this blog you will mostly find ranting, cussing, and ideals that the norm will mostly not agree with.  I am not normal, not by a longshot.

You shall also take great delight in my misery and pain, you sadistic bastards you.

I hope you enjoy your stay and comments are certainly welcome.