December 16, 2011

Interesting Service For Protecting Email

In my travels across the Internets, I have discovered a very interesting service that allows you to post a short link to your email and protect it from spam.

I could find such a service quite useful.

1. Input your email

2. Grab the link

3. Share.

The user on the other side who wishes to email you, will see this;

Which will make them verify they are human before they can get to your email.

Quite nifty, should give this a try when you need to post your email in a public place to prevent spam bots for snagging your email and spamming you. « Share your email in a safe way. Get less spam.


ontrew said...

Intresting but not that useful. It's always possible to post email that way "my_email(a)".

Superawesomeman589 said...

The point is that when the spam bots come trolling around, they can't just pick up your email account, ping it and get a response from the server where it is. If they can't contact it or view it directly, they can't spam it as easily.

That's the point of the service.

It's security stuff.

ontrew said...

doubt these spy bots can indentify those
my_email a
my_email on

PS =.= "It's security stuff." Oh thank you captain.

Superawesomeman589 said...

You'd be surprised what spam bots can actually read.