December 18, 2011


I've been noticing that while my readers do read, many don't leave comments, none at all really leave comments.

Comments are more then
just you know, your say or w/e.  It gives me feedback and shows me that you enjoy reading and are in general just interested in what I put on here.  Without comments, it's like just page where I'm talking to myself.

Bring on the love people XD


Uncle Gerry said...

This comment is to let you know that I do read your posts although I don't always tell you about it....

ontrew said...

Here's several thoughts concerning commenting.
From what I see on russian social network, all the public is generally divided in 2 large groups:
1) Sweetheart, stupid, lazy social activists, the ones who are not wanted (in my case at least)
2) Smart people, specialized in sertain subjects. Those can provide sorta creative discussion, yet topic should pick their intrest and lack comments (such as that one f.i. where I have the nice classification of 2 points).

PS If you're willing to know if I have free time|good internet|pleasant mood I'll ease your qualms. Naught I have ^^. Posting here mainly to relax from my eternal study.

ontrew said...

"lack comments"
not yet, more like "contain an original and expandable idea"

Superawesomeman589 said...

@ontrew Asva! So that's who you are lol.

ontrew said...

"2) Smart people, specialized in sertain subjects."
well, modest smart people :P

Superawesomeman589 said...

What are you talking about?