December 28, 2011

AdBlock Plus Developer Sold Out

So it has come to my recent attention that the developer of AdBlock Plus has sold out.  He is now allowing for "acceptable advertising", this is beyond infuriating.  It means that unwelcome changes are coming to our beloved Adblocking Extension.

Here is where you can read about the "acceptable advertising"

I won't engage all the details but these are the most prominent.

What is this about?

Starting with Adblock Plus 2.0 you can allow some of the advertising that is considered not annoying. By doing this you support websites that rely on advertising but choose to do it in a non-intrusive way. And you give these websites an advantage over their competition which encourages other websites to use non-intrusive advertising as well. In the long term the web will become a better place for everybody, not only Adblock Plus users. Without this feature we run the danger that increasing Adblock Plus usage will make small websites unsustainable.

Why is this feature enabled by default?

Because that's unfortunately the only way to reach the goals outlined above. If we ask users to enable this feature then most of them won't do it — simply because they never change any settings unless absolutely necessary. However, advertisers will only be interested in switching to better ways of advertising if the majority of Adblock Plus users has this feature enabled.

But I hate all ads!

No problem, you can disable this feature at any time. Click the Adblock Plus icon and choose "Filter Preferences" from the menu. Uncheck "Allow non-intrusive advertising" and you are done.

As you can see, it's not looking good.  The idea of  the Adblock developer selling out is further enforced by this little number found here;

Do companies pay you for being added to the list?

No. However, managing this list requires significant effort on our side and this task cannot be completely taken over by volunteers as it happens with common filter lists. So it is likely that this service will not stay free for the companies wanting to be added.

So basically, he's going to start getting paid for ALLOWING advertising through the ad-blocker.  Very, very, saddening.

I now present the solution.

This is using the code from Adblock but instead removes the default opt in to acceptable advertising and they will be following Adblock development very closely and if they reverse their decision the fork project will stop.

Also just to stick it to the advertisers.  I recommend doing this.

And opting out of being tracked.

I can't believe this has happened, it's a sad day indeed for Adblocking.  I'm glad that I block cookies, trackers, bugs, scripts, ads, elements, popups, anything else I can block.

Sad day indeed.


Anonymous said...

You are an obnoxious prat, and should think before you write.

Waiting for my love.... said...
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Waiting.... said...

Couldn't agree with you more..

I ended up in this page - when I googled - "adblock sold out to companies?"

Ever since I saw "allow some non intrusive advertisement..." option and its related explanation - started wondering -did adblock adblock sold out to companies?

Sort of cunning move - if you ask me!

Anonymous said...

This is far worse than just allowing some ads of poor websites, the company behind Adblock Plus is now actively selling ads to MAJOR media companies. I know this for a fact because best friend of mine is managing Internet department for one major media company. The company was literally approached by Adblock plus selling access. Not cool.